For the past 40 years, Colinas Farming Company has gone through significant and notable changes in our personnel, processes and programs. We are delighted to share this transformation with our list of 40 for 40.

Here are our first 10.

1.    Expanding workforce

Our workforce has grown from having 7 employees to as much as 300 seasonal and regular employees in a year.

Vintage Photo of 1995 Vineyard Crew

2.    Expanding office structure

We started working in one office that was used by all departments. Now, we are housed in two modular buildings beside a standalone Shop office and maintenance building.


We started managing wine grape vineyards and are fortunate to be able to manage an olive orchard as well. We also planted prune trees at the reservoir, and a vegetable garden by our Shop. 

4.    Improvements in office technology


We still remember when we used to depend on fax machines and a dial-up internet that could only be used by one individual at a time. We used thermal paper on fax machines which came out wrinkly and was hardly legible. The printed text disappeared after a while.

Although, still a far-cry from high-speed internet, we appreciate our satellite internet service and wireless capabilities of our more modern printers, laptops, camera, and even our radio system. We look forward to the day when more technology is available in our rural setting.

5.    Improvements in communication

Five years ago, we published our company website and started with our social networking sites. Below are the links if you want to visit, tweet or like our page.



6.    Increasing Compliance Requirements

Do you remember a time when it was legal to drink in the vineyards or ride on the back of a pick-up truck?

With the increasing concern for safety and security, our policies and procedures have evolved with the ever-changing County, State and Federal regulations. We have developed safety programs, some of which include the following:


·         Injury and Illness Prevention Program

·         Respiratory Protection Program

·         Hearing Protection Program

·         Heat Illness Prevention

·         Drug and Alcohol Substance Program

7.    Decreasing Experience Modification Rating (X-Mod) in Work-Related Injuries

Because of the company’s commitment to safety at work, work-related injuries have significantly decreased over the last couple of years. Currently, we have a record-low X-Mod rating of 66 for the year 2015.  A low experience modification rating means that we have very low cases or incidents of losses and injuries.

8.    Employee Wellness Program


Since 2011, we heightened employee awareness on good health habits by providing them with wellness information gathered from different organizations listed below. These institutions provide us with wellness information, prescription discount programs, free exercise classes and assist in health questionnaires for our employees.


·         Anthem Blue Cross

·         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

·         St. Joseph Health (Queen of the Valley Hospital)

·         St. Helena Hospital

·         Clinic Ole

Employees performing stretching exercises before start of work shift.

9.    Increased Safety Meetings and Posted Information for Employees

Since 2007, we began holding regular monthly Supervisors meetings as initiated by our Administrator, Denise R. Jackson. Each meeting focuses on reminding Supervisors of safety at work, company policies and procedures and any current or updated federal, state and county rules and regulations.

We have installed containers for required posters in all vineyard work areas, which are easily accessible for employees. The posters and flyers are regularly updated and inspected.

10.    Improved Safety Training for all Employees

With the help of our loss control consultants, we are able to provide consistent and current safety training needed by our employees in their different positions. Aside from regular on-site training, we now offer online training courses, some of which include the Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors and Employees, Medical Evaluation Questionnaire for Pesticide Applicators and online Defensive Driving Seminar.