Denise R. Jackson

“If it ain’t written down, it didn’t happen.” This is a statement we live for in Administration and something that Colinas Farming Company Administrator, Denise R. Jackson, has emphasized and reminded us of all the time.  Denise has guided us over the years on how important it is to document and follow-up.


With this in mind, we are pleased to put into writing our appreciation of Denise and how her knowledge and commendable efforts have impacted all of us and achieved Colinas Farming Company’s corporate mission to provide a friendly and efficient management as well as a labor-compliant organization.


Recently, the company held a special party in honor of Denise who will be going on an extended leave of absence. As you may not be aware, Denise created this section on our website which is dedicated to featuring our employees who play a significant role in our company. We feel that it is fitting to do for her what she has always done for us by acknowledging her many contributions to the company.


It was not until the mid-1990s that she officially joined and worked full-time at Colinas Farming Company as Vice President and Business Administrator. Denise has always worked quietly behind the scenes. She recognized the ever-changing industry and worked on keeping the company abreast of new federal and state laws and regulations. With the increasing requirements and paperwork that goes with being compliant, Denise shouldered the painstaking task of documentation, monitoring, and proper implementation of these rules and regulations.


By working with different third-party consultants she designed the company’s employee handbook and compliance manual. She authored most of the company’s existing policies and procedures. She manages the company’s benefits and has also taken responsibility of workers compensation activities.


She also continues to improve on the company’s safety program and works regularly with our loss control consultants in ensuring that we comply with state laws, specifically, Cal-OSHA requirements.


Every year, she thoroughly reviews and negotiates with carriers to ensure the provision of competitive medical, dental, vision and life insurance for our employees.


Aside from this, Denise spends a lot of her personal time taking care of employees who have medical insurance claim problems. Since most of our employees are Spanish speaking, she understands how important it is to be available to help them when language is a barrier in getting their questions answered and concerns met.


Another one of Denise’s significant accomplishments for the company is the recent provision of a benefit for all our eligible employees and eligible family members. The benefit is designed to help handle healthcare and insurance-related issues that so often create frustration and problems for our employees.


We can think of numerous more programs and projects that Denise works on to cope with the ever-changing industry and her dedication to the company and invaluable contributions is commendable.


More importantly, Denise is a friend to all of us. She is there for some of us as a shoulder to cry on and to most of us, a great mentor.


Below is a video of the party held in honor of Denise before she went on an extended leave of absence. We will miss her at work, and all of us are looking forward to having her back soon.


Denise Ratterman Jackson holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics from University of California at Davis, graduating in 1979. Denise also completed a 12-month requisite general internship, which emphasized all aspects of Dietetic training, including management, at Eskaton American River Hospital in Carmichael, California. She is licensed with the National Dietetic Association as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with her continuing education focused on management, labor compliance, health and safety. She worked for 26 years in the health care industry, followed by a year-long stint as a children’s librarian, and has been with Colinas Farming Company since 1995.