2012 Napa Green Commute Challenge Winners

Colinas Farming Company’s Napa Green Commute Challenge Winners!
Last September 2012, Colinas Farming Company participated in the Napa Green Commute Challenge. This is the first ever commute challenge in the Napa County organized by the Solano Napa Commuter Information (SNCI).
This competition ran from September through November of 2012 to encourage as many employees as possible to try a commute alternative (other than driving alone to work) such as carpooling, vanpooling, public transit, bicycling or walking to work.
We had eight (8) employees who registered for this competition.
We are proud to announce our four (4) employees who won in the 2012 Napa Green Commute Challenge competition.
Our Most Outstanding Commuters were Saul Yamcor Chami and Alex Diaz who tied as commuters who use a commute alternative more than anyone else in the company. Each of them was awarded $100 in Commute bucks plus entry into a $500 drawing.
Two other employees won the Commute Champion Employees award namely Emmanuel Yancor Chami and Aleli Clary. Each of them received $50 in Commute bucks plus entry into a $100 prize drawing.
Other employees who were considered as Commute Contender Employees and were just short of qualifying in the award were Juan Yancor, Gerardo Mendoza and Saul Robles.
Congratulations to all our employees!
We would also like to take this time to encourage all our employees to continue to try a commute alternative (other than driving alone to work). We look forward to more employees participating in the 2013 Napa Green Commute Challenge. Visit http://www.commuterinfo.net/Content/10116/preview.html to see other companies who participated in the competition.
The Solano Napa Commuter Information (SNCI) offers personalized assistance for traveling around Solano/Napa Counties and neighboring cities. SNCI is a public agency program with free information and services for using alternative transportation in Solano and Napa Counties and surrounding regions. For more information about SNCI and promotion details, you can visit their website at www.commuterinfo.net.
*Commute Bucks are your choice of gas or grocery store gift cards.