2013 Napa Green Commute Challenge

Colinas Farming Company Rocks in the Napa Commute Challenge 2013!
Last July 30, 2013, The Solano Napa Commuter Information (SNCI) announced the 2013 Napa Commute Challenge results. 
The Napa Green Commute Challenge offer rewards for both employers and its employees by challenging them to encourage as many employees as possible to try a commute alternative (other than driving alone to work) such as carpooling, vanpooling, public transit, bicycling or walking to work. In addition to the rewards, participants saves gas, money and stress on their commute. By participating, they also positively affect climate change by reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.

This year, Colinas Farming Company had a resounding 32 participants in the Napa Commute Challenge compared to 8 in 2012. Out of the 32 employees we have 31 Commute Champions. Each will receive a $50 reward and be entered into drawings for $100 rewards. We had one Commute Contender who will receive a $25 reward. There was a tie for Most Outstanding Commuter between our employees, Juan Flores Ramos and Onias Garcia Torres (75 days using a commute alternative). They will each receive a $100 reward and be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for a $500 reward.

Below are Colinas Farming Company participants and winners.
  • David Aguilar
  • Erasmo Aguilar
  • Jesus Aguilar
  • Angel Ahuejote
  • Aaron Bacilio Cortez
  • Abel Cabello
  • Aleli Clary
  • Camerino Cruz
  • Juan Flores Ramos (Most Outstanding Commuter)
  • Javier Fragosa
  • Onias Garcia Torres (Most Outstanding Commuter)
  • Pedro Garcia Gumeiro
  • Luis Gutierrez
  • Bernardino Hernandez
  • Gerardo Hernandez
  • Roberto Hernandez
  • Salvador Elias Hernandez
  • Sotero Hernandez
  • Jeronimo Mendoza
  • Aurea Morales
  • Rafael Rios
  • Saul Robles
  • Alejandro Rojas
  • Florentino Sierra
  • Ricardo Soto
  • Alvaro Trejo
  • Eliseo Trejo
  • Ismael Trejo
  • Pablo Trejo
  • Silvino Trejo
  • Gregorio Velasquez
  • Juan Yancoy
(Not in picture: Jesus Aguilar Mauricio, Abel Cabello, Aleli Clary, Camerino Cruz, Alex Diaz, Gerardo Hernandez,
Roberto Hernandez, Aurea Morales Garcia, Ricardo Soto, Silvino Trejo Hernandez)
By having 20 or more Commute Champion employees, we also took home the honor of being a Commute Champion Workplace! We received a reward worth $100, and our company will also be entered into SNCI’s Grand Prize drawing for a Monterey Holiday for 2. 
This year, out of 24 employers in Napa County who took the Challenge, 15 employers had at least one employee who participated actively. In the end, there were a total of three Commute Champion Workplaces (those with 20 or more Commute Champion employees): Napa County (39 Commute Champions), Colinas Farming Company (31), and Pacific Union College (20). 

Complete results may be viewed at:

We would like to take this time to congratulate all who participated and we look forward to winning the coveted award of Most Outstanding Workplace by 2014.

We are grateful to SNCI for this recognition! We would like to say special thanks to our Administrative staff Maggie Robles for encouraging our employees to participate.

Sorel Klein, SNCI Assistant Program Manager noted that our efforts have helped lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduced traffic congestion, and saved money and time for employees while making more efficient use of resources.

Keep checking our website as we post photos of our employees during the awarding of their prizes!