Napa Green Commute Challenge Raffle Winner!

Colinas Farming Company is delighted to announce that our very own, Alex Diaz has won
the raffle among all Most Outstanding Commuters in the 2012 Napa Green Commute Challenge!

Congratulations Alex!

Alex Diaz (wearing white jacket) holds his $500 check and $100 Commute Bucks reward.
Photo: (L-R) Sorel Klein (SNCI Program Manager), Alex Diaz (winner), Marvin Diaz (friend and supporter), Saul Robles (winner), Rosbin Yancor (winner) & Juan Yancor (winner)
Alex won $500 in the raffle. He is one of our Most Outstanding Commuters and also received a $100 grocery gift card.

Other winners of the Napa Green Commute Challenge are:

Most Outstanding Commuter (winners received $100 commute bucks plus entry to $500 drawing)

  • Rosbin Yancor (see photo above) 


Commute Champions (winners received $50 commute bucks plus entry to $100  drawing)
  • Emmanuel Yancor Chami (photo at end of page) 
  • Aleli Clary (photo on the right)


Commute Contenders (winners received $25 commute bucks)
  • Juan Yancor (see photo above)
  • Gerardo Mendoza (no photo available)
  • Saul Robles (see photo above)

Our company is so proud to be part of this event and we look forward to having more participants in 2013.

We would like to take this time to express our thanks to The Solano Napa Commuter Information (SNCI) for giving us this wonderful opportunity to appreciate individuals who use a commute alternative (other than driving alone to work).
Sorel Klein, SNCI Program Manager  
with Juan Yancor, Commute Contender.
Thank you to Mr. Sorel Klein, Assistant Program Manager of SNCI who graciously visited our office and personally presented the awards to our employees.

Visit to see other companies who participated in the competition.

The Solano Napa Commuter Information (SNCI) offers personalized assistance for traveling around Solano/Napa Counties and neighboring cities. SNCI is a public agency program with free information and services for using alternative transportation in Solano and Napa Counties and surrounding regions. For more information about SNCI and promotion details, you can visit their website at
Colinas Farming Company Napa Green Commute Challenge Winners
Photo (L-R): Emmanuel Yancor Chami, Juan Yancor, Saul Robles, Alex Diaz and Rosbin Yancor