Company Profile

Colinas Farming Company has been in business, producing high quality wine grapes, in Napa County for 35 years. We are staffed with veteran managers, viticulturalists and experienced, trained supervisors and field workers. Our team works efficiently and responds quickly to changing weather patterns and conditions in the field to achieve the maximum opportunity that each vintage presents.

We currently manage approximately 750 acres of vineyards ranging from Calistoga to the Carneros region in Napa County. We comply with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements including farm labor contractor licenses, qualified applicators & pest control advisors licenses, agricultural pest control business licenses, Worker’s Compensation Insurance etc…

Colinas Farming Company maintains a production staff of 45 or more experienced employees who are compensated in a manner that provides for continuity of labor, from pre-plant projects through the delivery of premium wine grapes to the wineries. We also have a source of seasonal employees who generally return every year, again allowing for greater continuity and efficiency.

We take pride in providing viticultural services that meet the specific needs of the client. We currently farm for clients both sustainably and organically. We have a short chain of command and control which gives us the ability to execute practices in a timely manner.

Colinas Farming Company provides our employees with ongoing training in current farming practices, safety, and a variety of out-reach programs.

All of our efforts are driven by the determination to provide the highest quality of service, at reasonable rates, to allow our clients to grow the finest premium wine grapes their vineyards can produce.