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Recent News on Napa River Restoration Project

Colinas Farming has approximately  2 miles of the 4.5 miles of riparian corridor that the Rutherford Dust Restoration Team has undertaken for bank stabilization and fish habitat.  We are proud and pleased to have been actively involved in nearly all phases of this unprecedented effort. 
Our clients, Round Pond Estates, Honig Winery, Sawyer Cellars and Rutherford River Ranch recognize the important value the Napa River has to the water quality and wildlife of the entire  Sacramento Delta/Bay Area  region.  We sincerely hope that  these efforts and commitment of time and resources will inspire the expansion of wildlife restoration up and down the Napa River. 
Colinas Farming Company is committed to helping reduce sediment or Total Daily Maximum Load (TDML) and improve fish and wildlife habitat. We would like the Napa River to be removed from the Regional Water Resources Control Board's “impaired status”  list.
Below are links to print and television news on this outstanding project.
San Francisco Chronicle
Napa River restoration project serves as model
Peter Fimrite, Chronicle Staff Writer
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's top man in the region shook his head after tromping through a restored Napa River floodplain and then motoring on a boat through one of the nation's premier riparian...Click here to read full article.
Jennifer Huffman, Business Editor
RUTHERFORD — A humble stretch of the Napa River in Rutherford got its 15 minutes of fame Friday. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency staff, Rep. Mike Thompson, county Supervisor Diane Dillon and a host of partner agencies set up a temporary camp on the riverbank to recognize restoration efforts...Click here to read full article.
Along one of the San Francisco Bay's most valuable watersheds, healthy salmon runs will soon coexist, at last, with cabernet sauvignon.

The ambitious project to halt erosion in the heart of California's premiere winegrowing region includes 40 landowners voluntarily giving up 135 acres of some of the most prized farmland in the nation, so riverbanks along the Napa River can be stabilized and salmon spawns restored...Click here to read full article.


Funding to aid Napa River fish habitat
By Sarah Rohrs / Times-Herald
NAPA COUNTY -- The Napa River has taken a beating over the years, but that may change. Nearly $3.3 million in federal, state and local funding will be channeled into shoring up its banks and restoring wetlands...Click here to read full article.

EPA and Napa County, Calif., will announce the details of nearly $3.3 Million in federal, state and local funding aimed at restoring water quality and riparian and aquatic habitats in the Napa River watershed.
Napa vineyards have suffered flood damage, river bank collapse due to erosion, landowners along the Napa River will convert 135 acres of farmland to wildlife habitat to support restoration efforts

...Click here to read full article.

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