Bobcat Sighting

Colinas Farming Company is currently participating on efforts by the Rutherford Dust Society’s restoration of the Rutherford reach of the Napa River. This is an unprecedented collaborative effort of a cohesive group of landowners, government agencies and other stake holders that have come together to restore the Napa River.

The Napa River Rutherford Reach Restoration Project is presently in progress on the Napa River corridor. The County of Napa seeks to stabilize portions of the Napa River, decrease bank erosion, and facilitate sediment transport through the project area.
A remote camera survey initiated by ESA on behalf of the County on August 24, 2012, identified an adult bobcat (Lynx rufus) in a portion of the project area, as shown on the photo below. The survey seeks to examine bobcat use of the area and identify if any active natal dens occur in the area.
Bobcat photo at Station 5, September 4, 2012 showing corridor use at the river’s edge

“The survey findings indicate that adult and juvenile bobcats irregularly use the project area, typically with one to three observations per station during the monitoring period. On one occasion, an adult and juvenile were simultaneously documented in the project area; however, daily use of the project area was not documented and no kittens were recorded in the area. The intermittent bobcat use of Reach 8 indicates that this area is within a bobcat movement corridor; however, suggests that the area does not support a natal den.”1


1 Brian Pittman, CWB. Napa River Rutherford Reach Restoration Project, Reach 8, Findings of Remote Camera Monitoring. September 4, 2012.