Hosted by DuPont Crop Protection and AgSafe
Colinas Farming Company is thrilled to share the recent All Ways Safe Agricultural Award BBQ Luncheon as hosted by DuPont Crop Protection and AgSafe last August 9, 2013 in Rutherford, California.
The luncheon was attended by 74 Colinas Farming Company employees. The BBQ was Mexican themed where employees enjoyed a buffet of Mexican dishes and dessert.
We are so thankful to have DuPont representatives Mike Hemman, Area Sales Manager for California/AZ, Bill Seaman, Sales Rep for the Area, Carl Bannon, Technical Sales Agronomist and Chris Nevosh, Western Marketing Communications Manager during the luncheon.
We are also pleased to have Amy Wolfe, President and CEO of AgSafe. She noted on a press release, “We are pleased to honor the accomplishments of these dedicated companies and individuals who continually strive to create and promote safe and healthy work environments for everyone in this industry while their daily work continues to feed the world.”
Mike Hemman,  Area Sales Manager also shared a few words to our employees, “Colinas Farming Company has made safety and health a top priority for all employees. The company knows that being proactive is the key ingredient in protecting workers. You work in partnership with a number of local entities to also address the health of their workforce. Ultimately, the team at Colinas Farming Company knows that their overall success is dependent upon caring for their people.”


Colinas Farming Company and its employees are grateful for this honor and will continue and strive to maintain an excellent and working safety program specifically designed for the safety of all our employees.


Below is a slideshow of the BBQ Luncheon.
Vice President and Administrator Denise Jackson was interviewed last March 18, 2013 by AgNet West Radio Network broadcaster, Patrick Cavanaugh, in regards to the safety award received by Colinas Farming Company, click on link below to hear her message.


In addition to the radio snippet, Denise expressed Colinas Farming Company’s commitment to safety.


"Providing our workers with a safe working environment is Colinas Farming Company’s utmost priority. Our workers are the lifeblood of our business and most of them have worked with us for over  20 years. By continuing to improve our loss control program, we hope to minimize work-related injuries by creating a culture of accountability and responsibility. We have always emphasized to all our employees that our action or inaction is critical in preventing accidents and injuries.


Over the years, we have worked closely with our Loss Control Consultants from Malloy, Imrie and Vasconi and Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies. We acknowledge their contributions in the success of our program which landed us this safety award.


We also believe that employee wellness works side by side with worker safety. By having healthy employees, illness as well as injuries can be prevented. We have wellness information available in our website for our employees. We also provide monthly wellness information in their work areas. We conduct annual wellness questionnaires where recommendations are brought up to our health insurance brokers at Woodruff Sawyer & Company, to improve on our wellness programs for all our employees.


We have a solid training program that is comprised of continuing in-house and off-site safety trainings for all our managers and supervisors, after which they conduct tailgate safety trainings to their crews.


We are very proud and are very grateful to all our managers and employees for their support in our safety program and rest assured, we will continue to improve and help raise the bar for all vineyard management companies in our industry."