Colinas Farming Company wins the AllWays Safe Agricultural Safety Small Company Award Presented by AgSafe and DuPont

posted Feb 22, 2013, 2:20 PM by Colinas Farming   [ updated Feb 12, 2015, 11:39 AM ]
    MODESTO, Calif., February 14, 2013– AgSafe, in partnership with DuPont Crop Protection, are pleased to announce the 2013 All Ways Safe Agricultural Safety Awards, recognizing companies and individuals who demonstrate a dedication to keeping agricultural workers safe in California.
    The collaborative effort between AgSafe and DuPont Crop Protection highlights the companies’ shared commitment to protecting the agricultural industry’s workforce. “Safety is at the heart of our core values,” says AgSafe President and CEO Amy Wolfe. “We are pleased to honor the accomplishments of these dedicated companies and individuals who continually strive to create and promote safe and healthy work environments for everyone in this industry while their daily work continues to feed the world.” 
    The All Ways Safe Agricultural Safety Awards was presented in the category of Small Company (50 or fewer employees) to Colinas Farming Company based in Rutherford, California. 
    All honorees will be recognized in conjunction with the 2013 AgSafe Conference on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa. The ceremony, held during the Gala Dinner, will highlight the exemplary efforts made by this company to protect agricultural workers. "We are so proud to highlight the achievements of these hardworking men and women, individuals who make it their top priority to protect agriculture’s workforce,” says AgSafe Chairman Joe Del Bosque. “All the honorees are the ideal example of those agricultural businesses that have excelled in workplace safety while continuing to run profitable, successful businesses.” 
    Ernesto Arroyo, Colinas Farming Company employee will be receiving the award for the company. Ernesto works as both a vineyard worker and administrative clerk. This dual role has helped the company tremendously. By being a liaison between the vineyard and office as well as being bilingual, Ernesto, along with his fellow employee and Colinas Farming Company Safety Officer, Jose Juan Arroyo (his brother), provide a tremendous amount of devotion to a top notch safety and security program to the employees of Colinas Farming Company. A special nod to Administrative Assistants Maggie Robles and Aleli Clary who pay a close attention to each injury and to a safe and secure environment for all employees.
Colinas Farming Company vineyard workers about to start night harvest wear reflector vests, headlamps, safety gloves and warm clothes to protect them from work injury and illness.
    Lee Hart, the President of the Yountville Cemetery Association commented, “For the last year the crew of Colinas Farming Company has graciously volunteered their time on weekends to help clean up the George C. Yount Cemetery as a pay back to their community. It has been a wonderful opportunity to the cemetery as we have struggled for assistance with cleanup. I have been very impressed with the safety techniques of the crew. They are always gloved, wear gear for spraying the weeds, and use safety equipment for tree trimming. I am also impressed with their handling of their vehicles. I am grateful to Colinas Farming Company and would like to congratulate them on this award. I thank them for their work.”
Colinas Farming Company volunteers after clean-up at the George C. Yount Cemetery. (Left-Right): Juan Carlos Botello, Ruben Zepeda, Juan Lopez, Mario Botello, Alfonso Garcia, Jose Caro, Francisco Barajas, Ramon Arreola, Alberto Zepeda, Inocencio Preciado, Denise Jackson, Miguel Hernandez, Juan Flores and Antonio Reyes.
    AgSafe is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing employers and employees in the agricultural industry with education and resources to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities. AgSafe has provided California’s agricultural industry with training, education and outreach in the areas of safety, health and human resources for over 20 years. Since its formation in 1991, AgSafe has trained nearly 30,000 agricultural employers, supervisors and farm workers about the safety and health hazards impacting this industry. To learn more about the organization and how you can help keep farmworkers safe and healthy, visit
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