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Corporate Social Responsibility Study


In December 2011, Colinas Farming Company was contacted by Jason Lu, a University of San Francisco student studying sustainability. He performed a Google search and found our company website. He researched many small to medium size agriculture companies before picking our company. What made him choose our company was the amount of corporate social responsibility work our company did that helped the environment. Per Jason, our practices really stood out among all the companies he came across when he visited and learned about the companies through their websites.

His school work involved researching different companies and coming up with one company that he decided was the best to use and reference for his corporate social responsibility project. It is not an ongoing project. It was only information to help his classmate learn more about different companies.

Jason’s project was to advertise the corporate social responsibility that Colinas Farming Company is practicing and for him to give a one minute presentation. The class seemed very interested in the effort our company is making. In fact, a couple of students in his class are considering extending the project to do more research on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) Colinas Farming Company is currently practicing.