Christopher Pedemonte

Featured in May 2013

Chris is a Colinas Farming Company pioneer. He led the way in establishing the company’s Hazardous Materials Business Plan in the early 90’s. Many of the programs we still follow today were pioneered by Chris Pedemonte.

He helped set-up our original worker compensation procedures and initially coordinated with our workers compensation carrier and medical provider networks. He always makes sure to be available and provide first-aid assistance when a worker is injured. He was instrumental in setting up safety trainings for our employees and we are proud to possess safety training records as far back as the early 1990s.

He instituted the company’s Drug and Substance Abuse Policy and Procedures.

He established and continues to promote and practice sustainable farming for Colinas Farming Company and at all times utilizes “best management practices.” From bluebird and owl boxes to gopher and deer management, Chris has been our pioneer in promoting sustainable farming practices.

He spearheaded the certification of vineyards for our clients under the Fish Friendly Farming Program. It is a certification program for agricultural properties that are managed to restore fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality.

He also oversaw the registration of our tractors in the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program. This program provides grants in order to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen particulate matter (PM10), and reactive organic compounds in the State from sources of air pollution. These sources include heavy-duty and light-duty diesel vehicles, off-road construction equipment, marine vessels and other agricultural sources of pollution. Emissions are reduced by measures such as replacement of engines with cleaner-than-required engines or installation of emission reduction equipment.

He is the reason why Colinas Farming Company received a “Certificate of Special Recognition” from the US Congress for our support and participation in the efforts of the Rutherford Dust Society’s restoration of the Rutherford reach of the Napa River. Colinas Farming Company has been an active participant of these efforts for a number of years due to his hard work and dedication. He continues to be involved in the restoration of the river and will participate in the future restoration of other reaches of the Napa River.

He provided the original Injury and Illness Prevention program to our company and through his efforts, acquired a snake management program as well.

Colinas Farming Company manages the largest olive orchard in Napa County and Chris is responsible for setting-up and managing the Olive farming and safety programs.

He designed our company logo, represents our company well at numerous professional and social events, and exudes his charm, kindness and helpful nature wherever he goes.

When asked about Colinas Farming Company, Chris says, “My favorite thing about working at Colinas Farming Company is working in close collaboration with the extremely skilled, experienced and dedicated managers, supervisors and workers to integrate the changing environmental conditions in the fields, with our many cultural tools, that culminate in the best wine grapes the current season can possibly offer. I am fortunate to have the tools at my disposal to achieve the highest quality bar demanded by current industry standards. Additionally, I enjoy partnering with the winemaking staffs of various wineries to be true ‘winegrowers’ of arguably one of the very best wine producing areas in the world.”