Derek Cronk

Featured in June 2013

Derek is Colinas Farming Company’s vine doctor. As our Viticulturist, he keeps track of different data that affect grape growth from preparing the land, planting, vine growth, trellising, pruning, the irrigation program and determining the right amount of ripeness prior to harvesting grapes.

Aside from managing and monitoring data, Derek works closely with our vineyard Supervisors to ensure that they are doing specific tasks at the right time and the right way. He guides them on manipulating the vine to make sure that it produces the highest quality of grapes that our clients require.

He is also very active in coordinating with our clients and the wineries whom our clients work with to learn the quality of grapes they expect at harvest.

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Viticulture and Enology from the University of California Davis, Derek specializes in soil science. He is extremely accurate in estimating crop which is very important to our vineyard managers, clients and property owners.

Having worked for Colinas Farming Company for over eight years, Derek has made tremendous contributions to our company’s continued success in the industry.

He has a great working relationship with everyone in the organization. Also, he has worked really hard in being able to communicate with our Spanish-speaking Supervisors and vineyard workers by learning the Spanish language. We were pleasantly surprised during one of our Supervisors’ meetings when he conducted a presentation in Spanish. This shows the dedication he has for his job by ensuring that each and everyone is well informed and understands the work that needs to be done.