Paul Jackson

President / Vineyard Manager

Paul grew up in a farming family growing prunes in Sonoma County. He graduated from U.C. Davis in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Science and Management / Viticulture. Paul has been with Colinas Farming Company since 1983. In 1992, he and his wife completed the purchase of the business from their partner, Austin Hills. He has held a Farm Labor Contractor License (FLC) since 1991.

Denise R. Jackson

Vice President / Administrator

Denise holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics from University of California at Davis, graduating in 1979. Denise also completed a 12-month requisite general internship, which emphasized all aspects of Dietetic training, including management, at Eskaton American River Hospital in Carmichael, Califonia. She is licensed with the National Dietetic Association as a Registered Dietitian with her continuing education focused on management, labor compliance, health and safety. She worked for 26 years in the health care industry, followed by a year-long stint as a children’s librarian, and has been with Colinas Farming Company since 1995.

Chris Pedemonte

Vice President / Vineyard Manager

Chris holds a bachelors of Science degree in biology from Creighton University in Nebraska graduating in 1977.Chris also has a degree in plant sciences/viticulture from U. C. Davis graduating in 1981. Having worked in various capacities in vineyard management & winemaking for the past 28 years Chris has been with Colinas Farming since 1989. Chris holds both a qualified applicators license (QAL) and a state pest control advisors license (PCA).

Derek Cronk

Vice President / Viticulturist

Derek has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Viticulture and Enology from the University of California Davis. Derek previously attended Santa Rosa Junior College. While attending both of these institutions he was very involved with the student vineyards, receiving valuable hands on experience. Since arriving in the Napa Valley in 2004, Derek has been very involved in the Napa Valley Viticultural Technical Group, serving as president for 2008. He holds a qualified pesticide applicators license (QAL). Derek’s main viticultural interests are precision farming, cover crops, and soil nutrition.


Our Supervisors have been with the company since:
        • Miguel Arroyo - 1983
        • Alfonso Garcia - 1982
        • Jose Caro - 1984
        • Hipolito Guzman - 1985
        • Jose Juan Arroyo - 1988
        • Ernesto Arroyo - 1990
        • Rafael Gallegos- 1992
        • Sergio Salgado
        • Omar Hernandez
        • Amador Reyes Villegas


        • Christine Calvin, Bookkeeper
        • Kerry Robinson, Bookkeeper
        • Maggie Robles, Administrative Assistant
        • Aleli Clary, Administrative Assistant