Group Long Term Care Information Site

Colinas Farming Company recently added a long term care insurance benefit to its employees and their family members. This new benefit to eligible employees is in addition to their health, life and AD&D insurance benefits.

Education and access to information are critical in an employee’s ability to make the right care decisions for his or her family. The more one knows the better one can assess and plan - as a caregiver and as a potential care receiver. Through the efforts of its Administrator, Denise R. Jackson, Colinas Farming Company has made available a website where employees and our website friends can learn more about long term care and why they need to plan now.

This invaluable information is available to anyone who is interested learning about long term care. You may visit the Colinas Farming Company Caregiving and Long Term Care Resource Center.

Long term care is ongoing personal assistance for an individual who, as the result of an accident, illness or age, needs help performing daily activities or maintaining their health. Most people receive care in their homes, and most care is provided by family and friends. But in many cases, professional help or a nursing or assisted living facility is necessary.